Palawan South Sea Pearls by Tri Sha

Authentic South sea pearls from Palawan Philippines


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Pearls are precious Stone that never fades…

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We have a wide selection of On-hand Genuine South Sea Pearls from the tiniest 7mm to the RAREST HUGE 19.5mm Earrings, Pendants, Rings, Bracelets, and Necklaces.. Set in 14k – 18K Solid Gold.


South Sea pearls are cultured using a large, white-lipped oyster, hand-selected from the waters of the South Pacific. South Sea Pearls are the superlative pearls, the crème de la crème of pearls, the most coveted and sought-after of all cultivated pearls in the world. They are unique in that they exhibit very high levels of each of the value factors – size, shape, luster/nacre thickness, surface cleanliness and rarity.

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